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March 2018

Listening to thunder outside right now, reflecting on what has transpired in the last month... My son's school had an auction, which my wife and I attended. It was a two piece affair. They had a bunch of items and bundles that were setup for a silent auction. In addition …

February 2018

There is no escaping the sickness. It continued into February. Both the wife and kids were congested. Probably didn't help that it was pretty cold and the snow never seemed to end. Day after day, it just kept falling. I do not often opt to work from home, due to …

Theme Change

For the time being, I think I have found a suitable theme in pelican-sober. It is clean and simple. I might adjust some colors down the road, but for the time being, this will do nicely.

January 2018

This year has gotten off to a mixed start. The holidays were not bad, nor was the first week of January. My son was still off of school and work was relatively slow.

Alas, that all only lasted so long. The sickness came with fury around mid January. Hell week …


This year I am going to make a point of rebooting this site and attempting to make something out of it. Hopefully I'll be able to do monthly updates, for starters.

Perhaps at some point I will start to post projects that I am working on.

For now though, this …

Slow TV: Bergen to Oslo

I can't say as I've ever watched anything quite like this. It is seven and a quarter hours of a single train ride through Norway from from Bergen to Oslo. What is the right word? "Mesmerizing" I think.