February 2018

There is no escaping the sickness. It continued into February. Both the wife and kids were congested. Probably didn't help that it was pretty cold and the snow never seemed to end. Day after day, it just kept falling. I do not often opt to work from home, due to weather. Yet this month I made an exception. It is a helluva lot better than spending multiple hours in the car, just to get to work.

On the home networking side of things, I repurposed one of my Raspberry Pis as a network monitoring box, using Nagios. I ended up taking the shortcut of using the pre-built NagiosPi image (available here).
It has taken some tinkering to get it up and running, but it has become a nice one-stop-shop for statusing the various boxes on my network. Kinda slick. Here are some additional links:

On the boardgame front, my son has been showing continued interest in King of Tokyo. He is getting the hang of it and has managed several surprise wins. We tried out Tsuro a couple times, but it does not seem to hold his attention quite as much. I think I might try introducing him to the Legend of Drizzt soon. With it being a cooperative game, he might be able to handle it. There are not too many things to track. Late in February, a buddy of mine and I were finally able to try out a scenario in Gloomhaven. Sure, we screwed it up a couple times (nothing new there), but it is a fun game. I have some organizers coming shortly to aid in the setup / teardown department.

One item that I could not escape this month was one of my greatest dislikes -- dealing with the attic. While we got plenty of snow, it also all melted during a warm spell. I ended up getting worken up at 2am one Monday morning to water dripping from the ceiling above my bed. Not cool. There is a vent stack up there and the gasket around it on the roof had deteriorated and was letting water in. Late in 2017, I'd had to repair the same damn thing on the vent stack at the other end of our house, a five minute job. This one took a bit longer. It was raining and dark out. Don't like getting up in the attic. Don't like getting up on ladders. Don't like getting up on the roof. Anyway, I ended up booting the vent stack above the bedroom, hoping that it would solve the problem. It didn't. I checked the attic again after work. The wood up there was still saturated. At least I'd had the foresight to pick up some supplies on my way home in the event I'd need them. Back up to the roof to smear roofing tar all over the place. That seems to have alleviated the leak for the time being. However, I think I know what our next major purchase will be after paying off our windows...