January 2018

This year has gotten off to a mixed start. The holidays were not bad, nor was the first week of January. My son was still off of school and work was relatively slow.

Alas, that all only lasted so long. The sickness came with fury around mid January. Hell week started with a random night of sleeplessness for myself. The first night, I only slept for about 2 or maybe 3 hours. The following day sucked. I was utterly dragging. Came home and went to bed early, shortly after my wife got home... maybe 8:30pm.

Come to find out later during the night that my daughter started puking her guts out about 2 hours after I went to sleep. I woke up somewhere between midnight and 1am after I heard a rather intensive round of crying. My wife was holding the fort together, despite having just worked 12 hours, giving me a chance to sleep.

With the morning, I found out that my son also started puking later in the night... My dear wife got nearly no sleep. So now both kids are sick to their stomachs, not holding down any food. My wife is exhausted, and I have to take a day off of work to take care of things. The vomitting continued throughout the day, finally starting to yield towards the evening. That night everyone seemed to be able to hold things down for a time.

Then my wife started to feel under the weather, completely worn down, stomach churning. Awesome. Her bout, while not as drastic as the kids, lasted for longer. She was down and out for several days.

That same week, we had new windows installed throughout the house (scheduled months ago). That went really smoothly. The crew that came out from Wallside Windows did a fantastic job. I am really happy with the work they did. The difference in quality has been immediately apparent. I can finally sit in the dining room and not feel a draft coming from the doorwall.

Gloomhaven arrived this month, though I have not had an opportunity to play it yet. I still have one more day off of work, so there may be a chance. Along similar game notes, we've been playing King of Tokyo and Sushi Go as a family. It is a welcome addition.